Founder's Message



Antonia La Rocca, Founder of Saige Private Wealth, has over thirty years of practical, in-depth, professional financial experience and a well-honed expertise in distilling and refining the myriad complexities of wealth management.

Our Clients

Saige Private Wealth clients tend to be extended families and multigenerational. The goals of our clients and their families are actively evaluated and used to develop proactive investment and tax strategies integrating them into a dynamic individual plan. Our practice works with successful individuals, couples, and families, who are passionately engaged in pursuing their best possible financial future.

Our Focus

With a focus on the planning needs of multigenerational families and the enhanced longevity of our clients, we build long-term strategies that align not only with our clients’ financial goals, but with their personal values.

To hear more about Saige Private Wealth and how we can help you build both a plan and path towards the financial future you imagine for yourself and your family, watch our video.

We believe in applying a holistic approach to comprehensive financial planning. This is foundational to all the services and solutions that we recommend.

As an independent firm, operating in an open architecture environment, we are not limited in the choices of investment strategies and solutions we can offer.

We have access to best-in-class technology and products from a full assortment of tax efficient financial solutions from industry-leading providers.


We believe in applying a holistic approach to comprehensive financial planning. This is foundational to all the services and solutions that we recommend.


As an independent firm, operating in an open architecture environment, we are not limited in the choices of investment strategies and solutions we can offer.


We have access to best-in-class technology and products from a full assortment of tax efficient financial solutions from industry-leading providers.

We will build a customized financial plan for you

by first being good intentional listeners. We will learn your background – to better understand what drives you. We will review your current needs – to understand what challenges you. And we will listen to your aspirations for the future – to understand what compels you.

We will provide you with a dedicated team

who genuinely cares for you and your family, your goals and will guide you along a comprehensive, coordinated, holistic approach to managing and optimizing your wealth.


We strive to understand your history, the values that inspire you, and how to get you to where you want your wealth to take you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you choose to start your own firm?

Saige Private Wealth was founded so we could continue to act in your best interest, without the constraints imposed by a corporate entity. We believe that establishing our own firm is the best way to help our clients pursue their financial and personal objectives because your needs are placed above all else. As an independent firm*, we do not report to a corporate headquarters whose agenda puts shareholders ahead of clients. Our independence gives us the freedom and flexibility to tailor our recommendations by accessing unlimited solutions from industry-leading sources, including banking, lending, investments, insurance, financial planning, and estate planning. More importantly, at Saige Private Wealth, we will have the freedom to continuously increase both our capabilities and the value we bring to our relationship with you.

* Saige Private Wealth is a DBA of Sanctuary Securities, Inc. and Sanctuary Advisors, LLC; however, we own 100% of our independent firm. To provide our clients with the services we offer, we are Registered Representatives of Sanctuary Securities Inc. (Member FINRA, SIPC) and Investment Advisor Representatives of Sanctuary Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.

Will my assets be secure with your new firm?

In making the decision to form Saige Private Wealth as an independent wealth management firm, the security of our clients' assets is our highest priority. With that in mind, and after a rigorous due diligence process, we selected BNY Mellon Pershing as our Custodian. Pershing is a financial industry leader in clearing and custody services with over $2.0 trillion (about $6,200 per person in the US) in global client assets representing seven million investor accounts worldwide. Pershing is owned by BNY (Bank of New York) Mellon, which is the longest standing operating bank in the U.S., surpassing 235 years and founded by the country’s first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. With over $41 trillion (about $130,000 per person in the US) in assets under custody, BNY Mellon is the largest custodian in the world by a significant margin and offers SIPC and excess SIPC insurance coverage. Pershing provides clearing and custody services in 65 global markets, with execution services in over 60 markets globally and facilitating the trading and conversion of 50 currencies.

How will I benefit from being a client of your new firm, Saige Private Wealth?

Benefits to our clients in joining us at Saige Private Wealth include:

  • Fiduciary Standard of Care (acting in your best interest): We formed Saige Private Wealth to focus on delivering the highest standard of wealth management solutions to our clients, driven by your circumstances and needs. As an independent firm, we are not encumbered by a corporate agenda.
  • Access to a Broader Marketplace: Because we are independent and own our own firm, we work in an open architecture, which means that we can access best-in-class products and services, including banking and lending solutions, a larger selection of equities, exchange-traded funds as well as access to limited private equity offerings through Sanctuary Wealth that are unavailable through other advisory firms. Because we now have a wider variety of resource partners, we can offer greater investment options to our clients at Saige Private Wealth.
  • Robust Planning Solutions: We will be using advanced planning software from eMoney. This tool has robust capabilities that will allow you, and our team, to view, in real time, your complete financial picture, including assets held at other firms. eMoney also has a secure, user-friendly “Vault” which enables you to safely store important documents, such as trusts, wills, tax filings, insurance documents, titles, etc. You will be able to choose to share the uploaded documents with our team, in cases where it is helpful for us to have access to them. With some of your most sensitive financial information, the eMoney platform will ensure an additional layer of security as you provide us your sensitive data for our analysis.
  • Exceptional Client Service: With your best interests as our only agenda, our team is free to focus exclusively on addressing your individual service needs.

What has changed?

Clients who choose to transition their relationship to Saige Private Wealth will see no change in their day-to-day experience with us. However, a crucial decision underlying the launch of our new firm was our selection of BNY Mellon Pershing as the custodian of our clients’ assets. This decision was carefully considered and researched.  Though our name and logo have changed, our commitment to you is amplified by our ability to act in your best interest without corporate policies that could compromise our actions. Your account holdings (with a few minor exceptions) and fees will remain unchanged. The transfer of your accounts to our new custodian, BNY Mellon Pershing, will not create a taxable event (again, with few, minor exceptions).

Why did we choose to be part of the advisor network at Sanctuary Wealth?

We can leverage the technology, tools, and standardized processes available through Sanctuary Wealth that help maximize scalability and manage risk so that we can reinvest time where it matters most—with clients like you. By partnering with Sanctuary, we can deliver operational excellence, maintain a strong culture of compliance, and offer a robust cybersecurity program, which will safeguard the information clients entrust to our guidance. Sanctuary also empowers its partner firms with access to a vibrant community of like-minded, elite independent financial advisors. The advisors in this peer group share best practices and we can tap into our community’s intellectual capital to deliver more specialized expertise – and investment opportunities – to Saige’s clients.

Why did you choose to form Saige Private Wealth on April 18, 2022?

We have taken the time to research and plan our transition carefully.  We decided now is the right time to make this transition for the following reasons:

Year-End 2022 Tax Planning – By moving at the end of 2021 tax filing season, we have provided the tax documents to your CPA and will have sufficient time to coordinate with you and your tax advisors regarding actions that need to be taken before year-end December 31, including the following:

  • Capital gain and Capital loss harvesting
  • Charitable Contributions, including Qualified Charitable Contributions (WCDs) from IRAs
  • Roth IRA Conversions
  • Estate Planning strategies

Moving in the Spring of 2022 will allow sufficient time for accounts to be settled prior to year-end, which can be important in determining year-end account valuations needed for many purposes and confine dual tax reporting statements to the 2022 calendar year.

We are excited about the benefits our independent approach will offer our clients and regardless of what the current environment, we know that the sooner we made the move, the sooner we would be in a better position to respond.


Will the way you manage money change in any way?

The core strategies we use to manage assets will not change, and of course, our investment management solutions are always specifically tailored to each client’s risk parameters, timeline, and long-term objectives. What will improve, however, are certain capabilities, including our enhanced interactive financial planning, as well as broader access to more investment products and strategies, created by working in an open architecture environment.

Banking Products

What about banking services?

Our clients are under no obligation to move their banking accounts as part of our transition. However, as we are now an independent team, we can go out in the marketplace on behalf of our clients to identify comparable or better options than their current situation. We can advise you on what is the best banking relationship solution specifically for their needs – whether with a local, regional, or national bank.

Client Service

Will the fees you charge differ at your new firm?

No, the fees we charge as an investment advisor are the same as at our previous firm. Today our clients benefit from what Saige Private Wealth can now access: best-in-class products, services, and technologies that were not available in our previous environment. In fact, with our new custodian, there will be no transfer fees, ATM fees (at any ATM), or account maintenance fees.

How long does it take to transition assets from the old firm to your new firm?

Once you sign the account opening and transfer documents found in the Welcome Packet we send, we will submit a request to our prior firm to begin the transfer process. The transfer process usually takes 5 to 10 business days to complete, once submitted to the prior firm. We will monitor your accounts daily for progress and confirm once all assets have transitioned and are posted to your account at Saige Private Wealth. Once your accounts have transferred, we will work with you to re-establish any recurring payments and other transfers you may currently have.

How will I be able to view and access my assets once they transition to my new accounts?

You will be able to view your assets by utilizing the Client Login section. Once you log in, you will have the same type of access to all your accounts and the ability to utilize services as you had been accustomed to. You can also install the BNY Mellon Pershing app on your phone to view your assets, view activity in your accounts, and perform services such as depositing checks into your accounts.

Where are you located and how can I reach the team?

Our new office is located at:

21 E. Carrillo Street, Suite 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Here is our updated contact information:

Antonia La Rocca 805-456-2401 [email protected]
Monica Janette Lua 805-456-2403 [email protected]
Ashley King 805-456-2402 [email protected]
Next Steps

What are next steps if I would like to work with your new firm?

The total process will take approximately two weeks from the date you return our Welcome Packet transition paperwork to our team, and we will do everything we can to ensure the transition is a positive experience. It is likely you will receive a call from our prior firm asking you to initiate a relationship with a randomly assigned advisor, who will claim to be able to serve you better. We sincerely believe that the opportunity to retain a longstanding relationship with us – with our personal, proven commitment to your individual needs, combined with the newly available benefits of our independent firm – will outweigh any minor inconvenience posed by the transition itself.

What will I find in my welcome kit?

You will find all the necessary documents relevant to your transition, including information about our new firm, Saige Private Wealth, and the safety and security of our custodian, BNY Mellon Pershing. Please contact us to arrange a meeting at your convenience, so we can review the materials together.

Registered Representative of Sanctuary Securities Inc. and Investment Advisor Representative of Sanctuary Advisors, LLC. Securities offered through Sanctuary Securities, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC. Advisory services offered through Sanctuary Advisors, LLC., an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Saige Private Wealth is a DBA of Sanctuary Securities, Inc. and Sanctuary Advisors, LLC.


Founder’s Message

Truly successful wealth management requires a dynamic, ongoing multifaceted approach. Investment strategy needs to be considered within the context of a client’s financial goals, their tax situation, potential available tax strategies and future generational considerations. This is financial preparation for life’s anticipated and unanticipated events.

I founded Saige Private Wealth in 2022 because I was no longer able to do what I felt was in the best interest of my clients without unnecessary distractions, friction, or conflicts. Independence is about my team being able to deliver curated personalized service to our clients who trust us with their financial future and that of their families. At Saige Private Wealth, we are no longer ensnared with self-interested, corporate constraints found in the large firm environment where products and services ofttimes can be structured to benefit the firm more than the client. Saige Private Wealth allows us to be fully free to offer a wider array of advice and viable solutions. Independence allows us to harness our ample experience and hard-earned expertise to deliver tailor made, best-in-class solutions. I have greater than twenty-five-years of experience in the financial services industry. Before that, I worked as a CPA and a tax consultant for a major international accounting firm in Los Angeles after earning a CPA license and a Master’s degree in Taxation from the University of Southern California. I have been fortunate to come to the wealth management profession with a holistic and integrative background given my prior experience. Many of the major financial firms tout their holistic approach to wealth management. We, at Saige Private Wealth, actually so execute one.

We consult with business owners, executives, professionals, and other successful people, who are passionate about pursuing their best possible financial future. These are our clients. As independent financial advisors, we feel we have a broader portfolio from which to explore all the potential options in the areas of:

  • Wealth growth and preservation
  • Planning for increasing longevity and its support cost
  • Multigenerational planning
  • Liability management
  • Insurance planning
  • Sustainable Investing

At Saige Private Wealth, we are adaptive as we build long-term strategies that align with each client’s financial goals and their personal values. In meeting the needs of multigenerational families, our focus is not only wealth growth and preservation but anticipating and planning for the increasing expected longevity of our clients, and planning for a constantly changing tax and economic environment. Just as globalization and technology changed how people live and work, there will be substantial gains in life expectancy that must be integrated into a thoughtful life plan. I am completing a second Master’s degree in Gerontology to assist my clients in flourishing in an era of unprecedented change.

We pride ourselves on applying thoughtful, integrated, tax-aware, comprehensive financial and investment planning solutions. We structure a foundation on which to build our strategies and services. As an independent firm, operating in an open architecture environment, we are not limited in the choices of investment strategies but can vet a full assortment of strategies from the industries’ leading providers. We now have access to best-in-class technology and products and can better tailor solutions to your needs and best outcomes.

Good intentional listeners, we will learn your background – to understand what drives you. We will review your current needs – to understand what challenges you. We will listen to your vision of the future – to understand what compels you. As a result, you will find you are working with a dedicated team who genuinely cares for you and your family. We will be with you and help to guide you along your journey in a personalized, holistic, and comprehensive approach to managing your wealth.

Together, we will navigate through a lifetime of financial, investment and personal decisions to achieve your most important personal goals.